What I've learned by analyzing hundreds of Titles

A quality Title is something that allows your content not to drown in the ocean of modern content.

I analyzed about hundreds of excellent Titles from IndieHackers and grouped them into categories. Hope you find it useful.

1) Show that the article contains a lot of material on significant problem

Quantity gives the feeling that everyone will find something for themselves

The number indicates that a lot of time has been invested in the content

2) Promise a great story with an open ending

We react deeply to stories because they communicate information in a primal, intuitive way. 

Plus open ending sparks curiosity

3) Promise to save the time

Since we Can't Manipulate Time,

time-saving tips always attract

4) Confuse with contradiction

Controversy sparks interest

And the desire to find out why this is so = read the article

5) Stand out with colloquial language

Spoken words make a headline stand out due to a different tone

6)  Strengthen questions with problems

Strengthening kind of makes us ask a question

7) Hook Reptilian brain

It is impossible to resist food, sex or danger. Our “animalistic nature” will always notice these things.

8) Harsh truth that stimulates discussion

Such titles quickly respond to the reader. Literally forcing you to find confirmation of the title in your text.

9) Arouse curiosity with an anti-trend

When we encounter something unusual, we build assumptions and become curious as we predict what it might be and wait to see if we are right.

10) Say that you will breakdown metrics/ milestones e.t.c

how you achieved certain numbers engages the reader - with valuable lessons learned from experience

11) Power up Milestone with a time limit

The time limit allows for a correct rate of the milestone

Making milestone tangible

12) Support with experience

Your experience on a complex problem have a unique ability to build connections because brain places you inside the story

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