How to write Gumroad Sales Page

Step by Step guide on how to write Gumoroad Sales Page

While participating in #14DayProduct Challenge by Gumroad, I realized that I didn't know what to write on the Gumroad Sales Page. 

So I have analyzed over 50 successful products on Gumroad and grouped the best practices into categories. Hope you find it useful.

1) Use Image to explain the value you provide and how you create it

The first thing the user sees when opening the link is the first picture. Grab the user's attention by explaining the value you provide.

2) Use Full Name and Real Photo

A real person inspires trust. The absence of a photo and a nickname gives the impression of a hastily made product.

3) Explain how your product solves customer’s problems

Take the user from point A - Problem to point B - Your Product as Solution. It's also a great idea to tell this through your story, but more on that in point 10.

4) Expand the content structure

The structure shows what's inside the product. Parts of the structure to the question of what the buyer gets.

5) Show Free Sample

Useful samples can build confidence that an entire product is high quality. Also free samples play on the Rule of Reciprocity.

6) Make FAQ

FAQ is great opportunity to address customers that:

  • are skeptical or reluctant to buy

  • want more information before pulling out their wallets

  • do not understand the purchase process

  • do not understand your product

7) Mention refund policy

By writing about the refund you show confidence in the quality of the product.

8) Show social proof

Social proof adds instant credibility to the value you promise. 

BUT it is important that the reviews look believable and not like odes.

If you have no social proof, write the total number of sales. Your other customers are also social proof.

9) Leave your contact

Let a prospective buyer ask you a question personally, this an upsell opportunity. Also it gives the ability to promote your social networks.

10) Tell your personal story about you and the product

The personal story can help to sell more because:

  • it increases the trust level between you and the listener

  • It helps you position your services in the mind of the listener

  • It increases the level of emotional connection between you and your listener

  • It explains why you are so passionate about your services or products

  • It can even help you overcome potential objections towards your offering

Thanks for reading.